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Vient de paraitre !

Pays Basque Dessiné

I studied art in Paris, first at the Atelier Leconte, then at ENSAD (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs). I also studied calligraphy, typography and history of writing, which has always brought me closer to the books world.
In 1990, i joined Gallimard as an Ilustrator and cartographer, working in particular on the guides collection, during 8 years, with my bird’s-eye views of cities, regions and countries.

In 1998, i became freelance in order to extend the scope of my activities. I work in France and Italy for publishing houses, magazines and institutions such as Géo, Coté Ouest, Le Particulier, Pyrénées Magazine …
I illustrated several books and documentaries , devoted myself to drawing, sketching and watercolor through landscapes, often urban.
I work between France and Italy, and drawn a series of books : the Ré island, the lagoon of Venice, Marseille, Le potager du Roi at Versailles, the palace of Venice and Trieste seen roofs, the Opicina tram, lyric theater in Trieste, ...
Lasts were published in November 2011 and June 2014 by Editions Fage: " Views of Paris" and "Views of Lyon"

My enthusiasm for the perspective,for the accuracy of the line and my taste for detail, have certainly influenced my workas an illustrator.
I like to draw the pattern on paper and transcribing the space depth that I observe through the play of shadow andlight, the choice on angles of view, I try to bring the spectator inside my drawing!

This web site isto share with you my passion !

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